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Registration Information

Before completing registration, please read the following questions to acknowledge your understanding of the key elements of ISR self-rescue lessons:

  • I understand that classes are held Monday through Friday every week until my child passes his/her safety check out which is an average of 6 weeks but could be sooner or take longer depending on my child’s response to training and previous aquatic experience.
  • I understand that lessons are no more than 10 mins long with one-on-one instruction
  • I understand that my child will be monitored for body temperature and physical fatigue which may require ending a lesson shorter if it is in the best interest of the child.
  • I understand that my child should not eat within two hours of their lessons
  • I understand that my child should have no apple products for the duration of his/her training
  • I understand that payment for the next week’s class is due each Monday
  • I understand that I will be asked to get in the pool with my child at the end of their training to learn how to interact with them in the water and allow for maintaining their skills
  • I have read the parent handbook in detail and have had all my questions answered
  • I have had the opportunity to speak with my instructor, Angela Brown at 979-412-7718 or via email,, to discuss and ask questions prior to enrolling
  • I understand that their is a one-time non-refundable registration fee of $105 to ISR and all other training fees go to instructor Angela Brown.
  • I understand that my child can not get in the pool until officially approved by ISR which may take 3-5 days after registration. If there are additional questions or concerns it may take 2-4 weeks therefore, I should not wait until the week before to register for the session I prefer.
  • I understand that it is my responsibility to manage other children with me and to not disrupt a lesson for my child or another student.

I confirm that I have read the above information and I understand the items above.

I Understand

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