How to Choose the Best Swim Lesson Program? 3 Questions to Consider

We are a society filled with choices and decision-making. These choices come in every form and fashion and while some are less complicated than others, some decisions feel bigger. This is especially true when it comes to life-saving, kid-related decisions, [...]

By |February 23, 2024|Swim Lessons|

When Should Children Start Swim Lessons

Milestones are celebrated by parents all around the world, at different times and for different reasons. Maybe you are excited about your baby’s first smile or word. Maybe you are looking forward to their first step or first day of [...]

By |December 12, 2023|Infant Swim Rescue, Swim Lessons|

Infant Swimming Resources vs Traditional Swim Lessons

Swimming lessons can mean different things to different people. Little kids may splash around in the water with their friends, blowing bubbles and kicking, all while claiming they have been in swim lessons. Students may take lessons to learn different [...]

By |October 16, 2023|Infant Swim Rescue, Swim Lessons|


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