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Maintenance Swim Lessons

At H2O Survival Swim School, we understand that ensuring your child’s water safety skills are maintained is a top priority.

That’s why we offer Maintenance Lessons to provide ongoing practice and reinforcement of the vital ISR survival swim techniques they have learned.

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ISR Infant Survival Swim Lessons in pool

What to Expect

Here’s everything you need to know about ISR Maintenance Lessons with H2O Survival Swim School:


The cost of Maintenance Lessons is $25 per lesson, ensuring affordability and accessibility for families who want to continue reinforcing their child’s water safety skills.


Maintenance Lessons are available to anyone who has previously completed ISR training. Whether your child learned with us at H2O Survival Swim School or another ISR instructor, they are welcome to enroll in our Maintenance Lessons program.

Class Format

Just like during the initial training, Maintenance Lessons can be either one-on-one or group classes. We maintain a low student-to-instructor ratio to ensure personalized attention and effective practice.

Lesson Format

During Maintenance Lessons our certified instructor, Angela Brown, will review all the essential ISR skills your child has learned, and progressively introduce new tasks as they demonstrate readiness. The curriculum may include strokes, distance swimming, coordination, problem-solving, and even diving, depending on your child’s progress and abilities.


Maintenance Lessons follow the same time frame as the initial ISR training, with each lesson lasting for 10 minutes. These focused sessions maximize engagement and allow for targeted skill reinforcement.


The frequency of Maintenance Lessons can vary for each child, as every individual’s progress and needs differ. Generally, we recommend scheduling Maintenance Lessons 1 to 2 times per week to ensure consistent practice and retention of water survival skills.

Who Can Sign-Up?

Our Maintenance Lessons are open to a range of participants. This includes past students who have completed ISR training at H2O Survival Swim School, as well as those who have trained with other ISR instructors. Even if your child hasn’t graduated from the ISR program yet, they can enroll in our Maintenance Lessons to reinforce and enhance their existing skills. We welcome past students of ours and other ISR instructors to join our Maintenance Lessons program.

At H2O Survival Swim School, your child’s water safety is our utmost priority. Our Maintenance Lessons provide the ongoing practice and reinforcement needed to maintain their skills and confidence in the water. Enroll your child in Maintenance Lessons today and continue their journey towards water safety excellence.

For more information and to sign up for Maintenance Lessons, give us a call at 979-412-7718 or email us at

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