February 23, 2024

How to Choose the Best Swim Lesson Program? 3 Questions to Consider


We are a society filled with choices and decision-making. These choices come in every form and fashion and while some are less complicated than others, some decisions feel bigger. This is especially true when it comes to life-saving, kid-related decisions, like where to sign up for swim lessons. H2O Survival Swim School can understand the importance of this decision and we have three questions for you to consider when choosing the best swim lesson program.

1. What is your primary purpose?

We know you are looking for your child to master the backstroke and to be ready to jump off the diving board, especially if you loved swim team as a child. The primary purpose of H2O Survival Swim School is different than teaching those skills. The CDC states that “more children ages 1-4 die from drowning than any other cause of death.” We build foundational survival skills for children which look slightly different depending on the age and level of development. Our first focus is to teach children to roll to float, in the event they fall into a body of water, allowing for someone to rescue them. For children of a certain age, the next step would be increments of swimming and rolling to float for rest, as they work towards the safety of steps or the side of the pool.

2. Does the program know your child?

One of the primary differences between H2O Survival Swim School and other swimming lesson programs is how much we work to understand your child as an individual. We communicate with parents daily to understand the physical state your child is in for lessons. Knowing their elimination schedule, basic health needs, and overall development makes us more effective teachers. We also monitor your child throughout the lesson to make sure they aren’t too fatigued and they are warm enough to continue to learn. They will have time after lessons to warm up and ensure they are ready to continue to their next activity or naptime.

3. Does the program teach well?

There is science and finesse in teaching any skill. The needs of little kids are different, so we adapt to their learning abilities. H2O Survival Swim School lessons are short, no longer than ten minutes each day, to meet their reduced attention span, and reinforced every day, to help build their skills rapidly. We also have one-on-one instruction to pour into our students and maximize those short lessons.

Contact us today to begin your swim lessons with H2O Survival Swim School. We have the expertise, knowledge, and care for your child to ensure they learn the skills they need for survival and swimming. Accidental drowning can occur in any month so consider lessons starting soon.

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