April 3, 2024

Does My Child Need an ISR Refresher?

It can be a huge victory for parents when their kid learns a new skill. Whether it is those first milestones of smiles, laughs, crawls, and first words or bigger skills like riding a bike and learning to swim, helping our kids to milestones is a large part of parenting. It can be difficult to know about how to double check that new milestones are in place, especially in regards to swimming related skills. It can be vital for your child to get an ISR refresher with H2O Survival Swim School and to do so on a regular basis.


Swimming Related Refreshers

It makes sense that any skill you haven’t used for awhile may need a refresher. Skills that we know how to do get filed away in the depths of our brain and will be rusty when we decide to try that activity again. This is certainly the case for swimming for most people who reduce their amount of time near water in the fall months with colder weather and don’t return to pool or lakeside activities until late spring or summer. In the meantime, your brain is focusing on other skills, lessons, and activities that have more relevance. Even older children who know life saving skills and how to swim may need a little time to warm back up.


Why an ISR Refresher?

An Infant Swim Resource Refresher is even more important. Our lessons are focused on teaching infants and children the vital life saving skills they need if they find themselves in a dangerous, water related scenario. The hope is that they never use these skills. With this hope comes the awareness that your child will need to practice the skill to remind the brain and body of what to do if they fall into a pool or other large body of water. Additionally, children are developing rapidly in their younger ages and need to be retaught what to do with their body or can build additional skills to what we have already trained them to do.


How often?

It is recommended that you bring your child for a refresher every 6-12 months, with that refresher being more frequent in the younger ages. This need will also depend on how quickly your child grows, both cognitively and physically, with rapid growth needing more frequent refreshers so we can help your child adapt to their new bodies and abilities. We can also build on the skills as their brain develops more so they are even better equipped to have fun and be safe around the water.


To begin your initial ISR with H2O Survival Swim School or to sign up your child for a refresher course, contact us today. We will gather or double check information about your child and can schedule times that work for you, maintaining the consistency we feel provides the best opportunity to learn for your child.

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