September 19, 2023

What are ISR Swim Lessons?

What Are ISR Swim Lessons

A hot summer day can be made special with a trip to a friend’s pool. Weekends away at the lake can build family memories for years into the future. A beach vacation with your favorite people can break up the long weeks before school starts. However, each of these great outings, whether taking a few hours or a week, can pose a great risk to our children when they are not equipped with the skills to stay safe in and around the water. Protecting our children can start at a younger age than many believe, and H2O Survival Swim School can teach your child ISR, potentially saving their life.

What is ISR?

ISR stands for Infant Swimming Rescue and was founded as a new method for teaching survival swimming lessons in 1966. Unfortunately, the leading cause of accidental death for children under the age of four is drowning and ISR wanted then, and continues to want, that statistic eliminated forever. There are a number of ways children can find themselves in a dangerous situation involving water, and ISR teaches the skills needed to prevent drowning and equip children to save themselves. ISR relies on the foundational “skill of rolling onto their backs to float, rest, and breathe.” This skill allows vital time for help to reach the child, and even older children are taught this skill which babies and toddlers can achieve through lessons. More skilled and advanced students will build on the foundational principles of rolling and floating to learn how to swim short distances, reaching safety.

Why Choose ISR Swim Lessons?

The principles of ISR make it a better choice as the emphasis is on teaching life-saving skills as the foundation for the lessons. Instead of focusing on other swimming skills, like breathing and different strokes, safety and survival are at the core of what I teach. From there, other skills can be learned. Additionally, ISR believes that survival swimming lessons are one layer of keeping your family safe. These skills should be used in conjunction with supervision, barriers like pool safety fences and alarms, and professional training on CPR. What’s more, ISR lessons are taught one-on-one to ensure lessons are progressing to your child’s needs.

The H2O Survival Swim School Difference

H2O Survival Swim School has the best interests of your children in mind. I am a licensed Physical Therapist and grandmother who has worked in serving the needs of the community for decades. Your children will get a combination of survival and swim skills during their 4-6-week course. Lessons are held five days a week for 10 minutes at a time, focusing on the one-on-one instruction your child needs, both developmentally and as they progress along. I will work with you to understand a number of factors about your child as we move into and through lessons. I want you and your children to enjoy every day at the beach, the pool, the lake, and more, and believe multiple layers of protection, including ISR lessons, are the best way to achieve that.

While your child is not our own, the safety of your child is of the most importance to me. It’s never too early to begin thinking about or signing your child up for ISR swim lessons with H2O Survival Swim School. For more information, contact us today or Follow Us on Facebook.

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